Beyond the Cell

445 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Description of Organization:

Beyond the Cell is a  program dedicated to educating and empowering incarcerated women. Beyond the Cell aims to heal the scars of trauma, stigma, bullying, social isolation, and exclusion by employing specific education strategies supported by neuroscience. Participants connect with themselves and their community, building a bridge to greater self-awareness and metacognition to understand oneself and others.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2024, a Women in Buddhism grant for $5,000 was awarded to support a model that transforms lives and alleviates suffering for at-risk for girls and women. Sharing Buddhist dharma in schools, group homes and recovery centers provides at-risk populations with the ability to create new brain networks, behavior patterns, prosocial behaviors and compassion. awareness, expand positive adaptive behaviors when encountering adversity, and gain greater compassion for oneself and others. The curriculum aims at the root of many different problems by addressing underlying trauma and abuse, teaching coping skills and mindful ways to interact with life’s greatest challenges, and bringing balance and positive communication to behavioral patterns. Through Buddhist dharma, guided meditation, understanding neuroscience, and practicing therapeutic writing, Beyond the Cell lends voice, hope and love to at-risk girls and women. This program is a rehabilitative program that offers an opportunity for thousands of women to transform their suffering into a path of renewal and hope, as well as to help these girls and young women integrate effectively into society.