Buddhist Prison Ministry

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Description of Organization:

Buddhist Prison Ministry provides the prison population with transformative tools and wisdom from the Buddhist tradition using accessible language and an interfaith lens, with the aim of fostering greater connection and ultimately interconnection with all forms of life. Our programs and courses help participants and the people they live with develop deeper awareness, insight, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, spaciousness, inner and outer serenity, and compassion. The inner and outer peace cultivated will aid in the reduction of recidivism, increase of pro-social activity, and lead to a balanced life both inside and outside the walls.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2024, a Women in Buddhist grant in the amount of $8,000 was awarded to

1. Develop a course in the Qualities of the Divine Feminine and how to apply those qualities to your life. This considers the pain and trauma that many incarcerated women carry from having abusive mothers, the pain of separation from their own children, the trauma, guilt and shame from their commitment offense, the lack of self esteem which could have led to a domestic violence crime, intergenerational wounding, harmful cultural norms and more. We will present various icons, deities, saints, martyrs, past and current teachers, and lift out their manifestation of divine qualities such as nurturing, belonging, comfort, refuge, grace, forgiveness, and provide specific practices to enable our participants to integrate these qualities. 

2. Create a Sangha of Belonging for Women in prisons that would offer free membership and two separate newsletters a year specifically for incarcerated Buddhist women.

3. A Course for Women on Reactivity and how it applies to the Afflicted Emotions, Six Perfections, Four Brahma-Viharas- This idea arose because women in prison do not have access to vitamins and supplements that can help mediate the adverse effects of PMS and menopause.

4. General Support for existing programs specific to women.