Center For Mindful Learning

823 Fox Lot Rd
Johnson, VT 05656

Description of Organization

The Center for Mindful Learning’s Monastic Academy takes the ancient wisdom of monastic training and communicates it into a 21st century context in order to train a new generation of awakening leaders in insight, compassion, and vocational skills. Residents enrolled in the program lead a traditional monastic lifestyle, with a 5:00AM wakeup for chanting, a round-the-clock unbroken mindfulness practice, and an immersive, week-long silent retreat each month, adding up to more than 2,000 hours of formal practice over the course of a year. In addition to this rigorous monastic training, mindfulness is also cultivated in a professional setting by maintaining practice while running the operations and programs of the Center for Mindful Learning. Residents at the Center for Mindful Learning experience the challenge of seamlessly transitioning from hours of formal meditation to the fast-paced hands-on development of skills ranging from accounting to marketing to tech support. Programs offered are all aimed at serving the world by bringing mindfulness into 21st century culture.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2019, a grant in the amount of $15,000 was awarded to the Center for Mindful Learning to establish a new, modern monastery, OAK, in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Funding assisted the California branch to meet its operating costs and cultivate relationships with donors and foundations in order to achieve sustainable funding and to reach a wider audience in the Bay Area.

In 2017, a grant in the amount of $15,000 was awarded to the Center for Mindful Learning to help to defray the costs to train new residents.