Copyright Information and Use of Works

The Copyright Information and Use of Works document is intended to clarify the copyright ownership, and the appropriate use, of works associated with Frederick Lenz and with the Foundation.

Books by Frederick Lenz

Frederick Lenz was the author of numerous books, including the following:

Surfing the Himalayas
Snowboarding to Nirvana
Insights: Tantric Buddhist Reflections on Life
How to Meditate

The Lenz Foundation has entered into contracts with publishers with respect to a majority of his books. For assistance with any permissions or inquiries about the use of his books, please contact the Foundation. For example, please contact the Foundation for permission to translate any of the books or to use substantial portions beyond “fair use” of small excerpts.

Other Works by Frederick Lenz

While the books are in most cases subject to copyright protection and rights as described above, the following information applies to other types of works.

The Foundation is the successor owner of copyrights that were held by Frederick Lenz at the time of his death in 1998. The Foundation therefore holds copyrights in a wide range of Dr. Lenz’s original works, such as: Writings and lectures; Audio recordings of lectures; Musical compositions; Meditation and instructional materials. Selections of these works are available at

Where the Foundation holds the copyright, the Foundation encourages requests for permission to use the Foundation’s works in a manner that is respectful of the mission of the Foundation and in furtherance of the ideals of American Buddhism.

To that end, please complete the Copyright Permission Form and submit it to the Foundation (contact information below). For all new derivative work projects, permission will initially be granted for 90 days, with the condition that you (the user) will check with us to ensure that the project remains consistent with the permission and to secure the Foundation’s approval for extension of permission, which the Foundation may allow or deny in its discretion. Permission from the Foundation will otherwise generally be limited to a defined period of years and only for specified uses that are in furtherance of the Foundation’s mission. Please also respect any copyright notice that may be appropriately found on any specific work.

Copyrights in Works Created by the Foundation

With respect to institutional works created by the Foundation for the operation of the Foundation, such as the Foundation’s website and any documents related to the business or conduct of the Foundation, we ask that users secure permission from the Foundation before making any uses that are not otherwise authorized under copyright law. With respect to such works, this notice shall apply:
© [Year], The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism.

Copyrights Owned by Third Parties

If the copyright in any specific work is not held by the Foundation, the user is responsible for identifying the owner and making uses consistent with applicable law or permission.

Copyright Contact Information

For permissions from the Foundation, or to make other inquiries related to copyright and intellectual property, please contact us at:

The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism
1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90067

(updated 22-June-2020)

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