Mandala Café

47 Ft. Washington Ave.
Suite 32 New York, NY 10032

Description of Organization

The Mandala Café is committed to providing access, dignity and mutuality around issues of food and employment. The Mandala Kitchens Culinary Training Program offers free or low-cost 12-week Culinary Training programs to anyone wishing to develop food service skills in order to get a job in a commercial setting/kitchen. The Program explores the practical and theoretical aspects of culinary arts, with an emphasis on the practical so that individuals will be in a better position to get a job. This includes ingredients, techniques, equipment, portion control, weights and measures, and production procedures. Some of the administrative aspects of food service are also addressed: invoices/inventory, basic math, and food costs. The Program incorporates a mix of classroom, kitchen work, field trips, study, and practice.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2014, Mandala Café collaborated with Stone Soup Café and Unity Tables for a $17,500 Collaboration Grant.