Northern California Shambhala
1231 Stevenson St.
San Francisco, CA 94103-1229
MBA Project Inc.
3700 E. 12th St., Suite 3B
Oakland, CA 94601

Grant Amount


Description of Organization

In 2014, a Collaboration Grant between Northern California Shambhala and MBA Project Inc. was awarded to support the “Teaching Mindfulness to Youth — A Diverse Exploration,” a one-day workshop to deepen the wisdom and skills necessary for teaching mindfulness and compassion programs to diverse populations of young people.

This workshop will include an exploration of attendees relationship to privilege and institutionalized racism dynamics as it relates to both personal practice and to delivering mindfulness programs to diverse communities of young people.

The intention is to cultivate greater individual and social awareness so that we can cultivate an environment of dignity, basic goodness, authenticity and strength in teaching. In this way, we hope to create a more inclusive culture for the children in our community, so that the practices of mindfulness and compassion become more relevant, accessible, and applicable to the entire population.