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Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz believed that Buddhism in America should be infused with the spirit of American self-sufficiency, and he encouraged his students to launch revenue-generating activities and social enterprises that embodied Buddhist values. The Foundation continues to pursue this interest with a broad set of programs geared toward assisting American Buddhist organizations to achieve scale and sustainability

In Dr. Lenz’s Words

“If your intent is not just to work to make money to pay the bills and to avoid the pain and suffering that would come from not having money, but your intent is to work because it will aid you in perfecting your awareness, make you strong, teach you more about concentration, enable you to live in the environment you need to succeed in the study of enlightenment; if your motive in working is to work for the welfare of others, to make money for your own enlightenment process; if your motive for working is because you get a kick out of it, because it’s fun to work, it’s exciting – it doesn’t really matter what your work is. It is exciting to do well at something, it empowers you, it is an enjoyable feeling – then you will be working from a very deep level.”
Zen Tapes, “Career Success”

What We Fund

We provide general-assistance and restricted grants, program-related investments, and education and training programs to help American Buddhist organizations build and strengthen their fundraising and organizational development infrastructure.

Sample Grantees

My Place (a recoverable grant loan to finance fund raising in the rural south)

Tricycle Foundation (recoverable grant loan, and grants to sustain operations and expand media footprint)

Naropa University (endowment and annual support to attract best students, visiting fellows and distinguished speakers in Boulder, CO)

Pema Karpo Meditation Center (fundraising grants for Memphis group)

Prison Dharma Network (Pay It Forward recoverable grant for fundraising)

Soul of Money Institute (Training program for the benefit of all Lenz grantees to strengthen fund raising capacities)