Peace At Any Pace

3060 Tully Place
Oakland, CA 94603

Description of Organization:

Peace At Any Pace (PAAP) offers healing opportunities through culturally specific journeys, genealogical mapping, storytelling, drumming and mindful awareness to multigenerational people of the African Diaspora who experienced the impact of intergenerational and ancestral traumas. PAAP facilitates national and internal classes, retreats and sojourns to bridge ancestral histories with present day experiences, transforming wounds to wisdom, leading to deep time liberation.

Current Programs include:

• Deep Time Liberation. “An Ancestral Healing Journey” is a program intended to heal intergenerational and ancestral wounds that have not been addressed in those whose ancestry is of a people purloined from their land, their language, and their stories. The program guides participants through an arc of reclaiming ancestors’ dreams and exploring legacies of traumatic patterning, while sourcing resilience and finding pathways to healing generational wounds of the past.

• Body, Health & Mindfulness Elder Program: A program of healing and liberation to the African American elder community. Secular in design, the eight-week series is based upon the genogram family system theory used for Deep Time Liberation as a source for genealogical family constellation and trauma mapping. Current health studies, breakthroughs in epigenetics, mindfulness practices and ancestral wisdom technologies from the African Diaspora are utilized. The program offers a pathway to healing unseen and unacknowledged trauma, while simultaneously improving physical and mental health in our elder communities.

• Alumni Program: The Deep Time Liberation Alumni Program carries forward the healing path
that began in the Deep Time Liberation journey. Once participants have completed DTL, they may be invited to deepen their experience.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2022, a grant in the amount of $16,500 was awarded to support the expenditures of producing two Deep Time Liberation Retreat Programs. The first is scheduled online in April 2022 and the second will be in person in October, 2022.