Zen Foundation a/k/a San Francisco Zen Center
300 Page Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Brooklyn Zen Center
505 Carroll Street, Suite 2A
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Grant Amount


Description of Organization

In 2015, a Collaboration Grant between San Francisco Zen Center and Brooklyn Zen Center was awarded to focus on two areas of additional education for Buddhist groups:

  1. Understanding how to initiate innovative programs that will provide revenue to help sustain each group;
  2. Understanding the benefits of integrating basic business best practices with Buddhist principles and ethics. This second “educational” need was in two steps: introducing some basic business practices to the leadership of the Sanghas, and then understanding how “mindfulness”, “meditation” and ethics can inform those practices.

To achieve this goal, two handbooks will be developed.

  1. Entrepreneurial Ideas for Sanghas
  2. Buddhist Management Training

The handbooks will be available for publication and distribution gratis by the Lenz Foundation to its grantees. The Buddhist Management training handbook will not be offered for sale. The handbook that will be written by BZC could potentially be made available for sale.