Teleosis Foundation dba Shining Bright Lotus Meditation Society

PO Box 101
Chatham, NY 12037
Website: shiningbrightlotus

Description of Organization:

Teleosis Foundation was established to deepening the expanding field of Integrative Health and Medicine. For the initial ten years of the organization, Teleosis Foundation developed programs in Green Health Care. In 2015, they began to develop programs in Narrative Health Coaching. In 2018 the focus turned to supporting the development of two Buddhist organizations; Dragon Heart Dharma lead by Fugen Tom Pitner Roshi and Shining Bright Lotus Meditation Society. The mission is to support the development of Buddhist communities devoted to offering spiritual leadership for all persons regardless of race, gender, ethnicity and economic status. At Teleosis, the belief is that meditation and spiritual care are essential for healing. In 2023, the plan is to offer several in person retreats including the Mondo Zen Intensive for BIPOC and Sitting Like a Stone in partnership with All Nations Gathering Center on the Pine Ridge. Regular practice periods will continue online.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2022, a grant in the amount of $8,000 was awarded to support the broadening of the Mondo Zen Facilitator Training for BIPOC to further reach disadvantaged communities. Mondo Zen builds on traditional Chan/Zen Koan practice in a blended format of both traditional and 21st century Koans practice. Mondo Zen Emotional Awareness Intervention Koans, provide an endless opportunity to work with daily emotional triggers for personal and collective liberation.

Specific programs offered are:

Mondo Zen Intensive: The Mondo Zen Four-day intensive is a retreat style training opportunity that blends traditional zazen practices with modern workshop style small group inquiry. Traditional practices include the morning service, zazen and qigong, followed by Mondo Zen Facilitation in small groups with trained Mondo Zen Facilitators.

Mondo Zen Facilitation offers the first step on the path of awakening; by providing a series of koans that first deconstruct current philosophy, then offer a new philosophical understanding with awakening in Clear Deep Heart/Mind. The participants experience the openness and fearless stability within our ordinary mind.

5 Practice Mirrors of Mondo include Sacred Stewardship; Philosophical Reorientation; Emotional Koan; Conscious Embodiment; Genuine Insight.