(May 4, 2023 – Los Angeles, California) The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism today announced its grant-making theme for 2024–Women Leaders in Buddhism:

From the time of the Buddha to the present, women have played an important part in the flourishing of the dharma, but their stories have been lost and their contributions forgotten. Newly surfaced histories of Buddhist realized women practitioners, activist nuns, and a new generation of female teachers and leaders are creating an exciting wave of change. It is no longer a rarity to find Buddhist women leaders and role models, but is enough being done? How are female leaders inspired and cultivated? What kinds of Buddhist leadership do these women exhibit, and how do they serve sentient beings? How can this trend develop and grow?

In 2024, Lenz Foundation grants will cover the emergent, broad-based field of women’s leadership in Buddhism, bringing women to the foreground in innovative ways and creating programming for empowering women.

The grant application window opens today with eligible applications to be considered through September 20, 2023.

According to Norman Oberstein, Chairman of the Board, “This theme represents a return to the teaching roots of our founder, Dr. Frederick Lenz, who taught that one of the most critical problems for our world to solve is the inequality of men and women.”

Says Liz Lewinson, Chief Executive Officer, “We look forward to providing support for women in Buddhism and in so doing, help to address the question of why don’t more women attain enlightenment and the related question of why don’t more people attain enlightenment?”

In addition to its own funding resources, the Lenz Foundation will reach out to other Supporters, including individuals and other foundations, to increase the size of its grant pool for its 2024 grant-making.

Details of the Lenz Foundation’s Grant Policy and a three-minute film describing Frederick Lenz’s teachings from the early 1980s on women and enlightenment are available on the foundation’s website.

The Lenz Foundation is a perpetual private foundation.  For further information, please contact Liz Lewinson, Chief Executive Officer, The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism.