Arrow Journal

1400 East West Highway #506
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Description of Organization

The Arrow investigates the meeting point of contemplative wisdom and addresses issues of climate change, racism, sexism, poverty, and violence. The Arrow envisions growing into the premier journal for investigating the intersection of dharma, politics, and activism, reaching a broad audience of contemplative practitioners, social thinkers, and engaged citizens in quarterly issues that speak with clarity and insight to pressing issues of our time

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2022, a grant in the amount of $8,000 was awarded to fund a pilot Virtual Community Building project. The project contains two categories of community building: (1) for Arrow Journal’s audience; and (2) for the authors themselves. Three sets of online webinar-style classes feature authors and editors from recent issues. These classes provide an opportunity for our audience to engage with The Arrow’s discourse in a medium beyond the written word. For readers and authors, it provides a way to deepen and extend the discourse published in our issues. It also provides a way to engage in our organization through audio-visual media, which helps us reach audience members who prefer to engage in those media.  Second, we will pilot hosting virtual launch parties for the issues we publish, which helps to build camaraderie and networking among the authors featured in our issues. Some of these launch events are specifically for the authors, editors, and artists who produce Arrow Journal’s issues; some may be broadcast for a larger audience.

In 2019, a grant in the amount of $10,000 was awarded to cover expenses directly related to the project’s three-pronged program to build The Arrow’s capacity in the domains of authorship, editing, and subscriptions with the goal of growing the publication sustainably. The emphasis is to support readership and subscriber growth.

Specifically, grant funds supported developing a new publishing layout in Adobe InDesign for compatibility with print publishing standards and e-publishing formats for mobile devices; fee-for-service for the web development company to build the website infrastructure for selling print and digital subscriptions; advertising in like-minded publications after the subscription infrastructure is built and readers can subscribe; conference registration fees, lodging and travel expenses for one staff person to attend the annual conference in 2020 of the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education; intensive outreach to cultivate new authors and members of the editorial team; a stipend to support overseeing all aspects of the project.