Dawn Mountain

3100 W Fuqua St
Houston, TX 77054
Telephone: (713) 630-0354
Website: dawnmountain.org
Attn: Anne Klein

Description of Organization

The mission of Dawn Mountain is threefold: As a Tibetan temple it offers traditional Buddhist teachings tailored towards contemporary Americans. Second, as a community center it provides programs that promote physical and mental well-being independent of any religious orientation. And third, as a research institute they support translation of materials on Tibetan philosophy, ritual and culture.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2017,  a grant in the amount of $18,500 wa awarded to Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism for capacity building in order to support their live broadcasting and conference capabilities and to increase their visibility online. The Lenz Foundation Grant assisted in the purchase of equipment and to hire the necessary professionals who can advise on content development and marketing in order to achieve Dawn Mountain’s goal of a global classroom.

In 2010, a grant in the amount of $2,500 was awarded to Dawn Mountain to support four symposia entitled “The Knowing Body: Art and the Discovery of Self.”