Inward Bound Mindfulness Education Inc. (IBme)

P.O. Box 516
Concord, MA 01742

Description of Organization

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education is a nonprofit that offers in-depth mindfulness programming for teens, young adults, and the parents- and youth-serving professionals who support them. The programming guides teens and young adults in developing self-awareness, compassion, and ethical decision making, and empowers them to apply these skills in improving their lives and communities. Adolescence presents unique vulnerabilities and opportunities that make training in mindfulness and compassion at this life stage particularly important and transformative. Learning these skills as a teen can have lifelong, positive impacts that ripple out through families, schools, and beyond.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2021, a special COVID-19 Operational Grant of $10,000 was awarded to Inward Bound Mindfulness Education to support staff stipends, increased regional marketing and website/zoom upgrades.  Due to the impact of COVID-19, iBme’ s organizational system and financial model was affected.  The response to the pandemic focused on being responsive to the evolving needs of teens. iBme quickly transitioned their residential retreats to an online format, adding new offerings, and increasing the focus on teens’ families. They created a Zoom guide of features and best practices, held planning and development meetings with faculty, adapted their website and marketing, and designed an online retreat manual.  Teachers focused on anxiety and depression-producing topics such as social media and news overconsumption, fears about the virus, and the loss of key life events. Throughout the spring and summer, their originally scheduled 11 in-person retreats transitioned into several online programs including retreats, classes, workshops, and new multi-week courses so that participants could have several touchpoints throughout the spring and summer versus just one in-person retreat.

In 2019, A grant was awarded for $7,500 for scholarships for Inward Bound’s Teens of Color Retreat. Each day, teens will participate in approximately 4 hours of meditation, including sitting meditation (both silent and guided), walking meditation, and mindful movement. Kindness meditation is also taught each day, which cultivates self-compassion and compassion for others, and supports emotional resilience. Relational mindfulness practices, such as deep listening and speaking authentically, are also central to the retreat format.