Light of Berotsana

P.O. Box 124
Ashland, OR 97520
Telephone: (541) 488-0477

Description of Organization

The mission of Light of Berotsana is to further the translation, preservation, and study of Buddhist literature at the highest standard of excellence. The Light of Berotsana Translation Group was formed in the spring of 1999 with the intention to implement this mission within the vast Tibetan Buddhist literary tradition. Currently, Lama Chönam and Sangye Khandro are the primary translators.; The goal is to reform translation work so that younger and older aspirants will work more closely with trained Tibetan scholars and attempt to bring the profound literature of both Sutra and Tantra into the English language. Translations include the most pertinent texts taught in the retreats of the Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist tradition. These commentaries and treatises serve as foundations for the rich cultural heritage of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, an erudite and exacting system of inquiry into the nature of reality and the acquisition of knowledge. Most of these Dzogchen texts, teachings and liturgies are restricted material.  
As Tibetan Buddhist studies gain prevalence outside of Tibet and especially throughout the West, it is necessary to translate the texts that will thoroughly elucidate the philosophy, knowledge, and ideals that have guided Buddhist study throughout its history. Such education rests upon reliable translations that will support sustained study. The Light of Berotsana Translation Group seeks to bring such study within the reach of English-speaking students with precise, inspiring, and accurate translations of a full range of significant texts. In selecting texts from the course of studies followed at eminent schools for Buddhist learning, the emphasis will be the depth of exposition alongside relevance for contemporary scholars and students.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2007, a grant in the amount of $73,000 was awarded to ant  support the translation of a chöd [i.e., severance] commentary entitled An Ambrosia Ocean of Sublime Explanations: A Clearly Compiled Commentary Based upon
the Close Lineage of Chöd. This commentary was composed by Pema Lungtog Gyatso, one of Terton Dudjom Lingpa’s thirteen disciples who attained rainbow body. This is an extensive commentary based on the terton’s own chöd revelation known as Heart Essence of Saraha.  
A unique feature of this commentary and the lineage it represents is that it belongs to the highest vehicle of Atiyoga or Mahasandhi. Hence, the specific instructions of the view are unique to this lineage of teaching. The author, Pema Lungtog Gyatso [1852-?], who lived during the life of his master Dudjom Lingpa [1835-1903], was a learned scholar and non-partisan proponent.  His treatise includes quotes, spiritual hymns, and oral instructions from all schools of Buddhist
thought. Translated as “severance,” the term chöd epitomizes the principal focus of the lineage, the severance of the root of suffering that is considered to be ego-clinging, or self-cherishing.