Lion’s Roar Foundation

1790 30th Street, Suite 300
Boulder, CO

Description of Organization

Lion’s Roar, the leading Buddhist media organization in North America, was founded in 1976 as the Vajradhatu Sun, the newspaper of the community founded by the late Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Today, it is a fully independent non-profit whose mission is to offer Buddhist wisdom and practices to benefit people’s lives and our society, and to contribute to the development of Buddhism. The organization publishes Lion’s Roar magazine, Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly;; special publications; video; and audio.

Grant(s) Awarded

In October 2018, a grant in the amount of $10,000 was awarded to inaugurate the first-ever gathering of American Buddhist teachers of African descent at Union Theological Seminary in New York. The conference brought together 25-30 prominent Buddhist teachers from different Buddhist traditions to discuss the common challenges they face and the contributions they can make to the development and growth of Buddhism in twenty-first-century America. This was a closed door gathering allowing participants to share freely their wisdom and experience. The goal of this historic gathering was to have a significant positive impact on the future of Buddhism, strengthening the voices of teachers of African descent and making Buddhism more diverse, engaged, and appealing to different audiences.

In the late summer of 2018, the Lenz Foundation made a grant in the amount of $10,000 to provide travel, accommodations, facilities, and administrative support for the steering committee of teachers of African descent who traveled to the conference.