Pacific Zen Institute

825 Sonoma Ave., Ste B
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
P.O. Box 2972
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Description of Organization

The Pacific Zen Institute was first founded as the California Diamond Sangha in 1987 by John Tarrant Roshi in his home in Santa Rosa. The organization’s mandate was to address broader artistic and educational programs, in addition to the traditional Koan meditation. In 2010, the Open Mind model–a ritual-free small-group inquiry session directed by a moderator–was introduced. It began as an impulse to create a Zen meditation retreat that is native to American culture, and one that rests in a creative process. Participants sit together, share Koans, poetry, myth, conversation, and have time to write and walk on the beach and to find out what lives might be like without our usual stories.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2018, a grant in the amount of $15,000 was awarded to help support Pacific Zen’s KALPA (Koans and Liberation Project Archive), which hopes to become one of the largest publicly-accessible video, audio and written records of discussions of Zen Koans in the world.