Sukhasiddhi Foundation

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Description of Organization:

Sukhasiddhi Foundation was founded by Lama Palden in 1996 in Marin County, CA.  Lama Palden was one of the first western women to complete the traditional Vajryana 3-year retreat and was authorized by Kalu Rinpoche to teach as a lama in 1985. After teaching in various centers with Kalu Rinpoche’s blessing, she decided to start her own center to ensure a safe, welcoming place for students, teaching the traditional texts with a more western approach. Sukhasiddhi Foundation is a spiritual center in the Vajrayana/Tibetan Buddhist tradition that offers a guided path of embodied wisdom, compassion, and kindness through a complete cycle of timeless practices rooted in the divine feminine that are relevant to life and the world today. The organization offers an untainted transmission of the unbroken Shangpa and Karma Kagyu lineages in an environment which is imbued with safety, awareness and heartfulness, allowing people of all cultural and gender identifications to develop their innate qualities and come into greater service in the world. 


Grant(s) Awarded

In 2024, a Women in Buddhism grant in the amount of $15,000 was awarded to accomplish the following goals:

1. Gain broader visibility for the Sukhasiddhi Foundation’s female lineage, teachers and programs: fund increased print and digital marketing for broader visibility of experienced, skilled women teachers and their offerings based on the teachings of a feminine lineage, “Women-led Vajrayana Buddhism.”

2. Increase Fundraising Capacity: fund a training for Board members to increase fundraising capacities and help the organization develop a more complex, sustainable set of funding strategies that provide long-term support.

3. Broader Visibility: generate broader awareness through a marketing campaign with a consistent mixture of print and digital ads as well as targeted emails with several major Buddhist and yoga magazines.