The Lineage Project

228 Park Ave S
PMB 98952
New York, NY 10002

Description of Organization

The Lineage Project is designed to support at-risk and incarcerated youth, their families and communities, by offering yoga, meditation and other awareness-based practices. Those who staff The Lineage Project stress the importance of working with at-risk populations and the value of bringing yoga and meditation practices to nontraditional environments. Mayor Rudolf Guiliani in 2000 awarded the project the “Mayor’s Voluntary Action Award”; and it has been featured in the documentary, “The Fire of Yoga.” By building awareness and uniting the body and mind through physical activity, at-risk youth can learn to consciously manage stress, pain, illness, and the demands of everyday life. Increasing self-awareness among young people helps them to cultivate compassion and commit to nonviolent engagement with their communities. The Lineage Project operates under the umbrella of The Tides Center, which manages the tax and legal aspects of many 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations and extends oversight to each project.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2007, a grant in the amount of $97,650 was awarded to support the Professional Training Program.