Treasure Caretaker Training

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Description of Organization:

Treasure Caretaker Training continues the hands-on preservation and educational activities in nunneries, monasteries and lay communities that had begun in 1970 in India and Nepal with the Founder/Executive Director. In 2014, Treasure Caretaker Training (Digital Monastery Project) won the Chairman’s Choice award from the international Digital Empowerment Foundation for innovative work teaching documentation on cellphones to prevent theft and preserve history of sacred art in lay and monastic communities.  Caretaker Training is dedicated to the preservation of sacred Buddhist treasures. We work directly with monastics and community members who are the daily caretakers of these treasures, respectfully offering them low-cost and practical tools that combine science with traditional methods.  

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2024, a Women in Buddhism grant of $16,000 was awarded to train upcoming generations of women curators, conservators, scholars, Buddhist nuns and former nuns, dharma center and other community leaders who live in North America and are responsible for the longevity of Buddhist treasures. Training will include gaining expertise in the four main activities of Treasure Caretaker Training.

  1. Holding in-person preservation training workshops

   2. Conducting hands-on preservation projects for lay and monastic communities

   3. Holding virtual webinars and consultations

   4.Sharing access to online preservation resources on the TCT website