Zen Center North Shore Sciences Center

P.O. Box 3291
Beverly, MA 01915
Website: zencenternorthshore.org

Description of Organization:

The Zen Center was established in 2012 to make the teachings and practice of meditation freely
accessible to a diverse population across the North Shore of Boston and regionally throughout New
England. Two main Programs are offered:

The Social Justice Program was formed in 2014 to nourish an inclusive space to look at and respond to activityn in local, national, and global communities. The Social Justice Group is committed to defending the dignity, safety, and freedom of Black; Indigenous; and other people of color; Asian; Asian American; and Pacific Islander communities; women; LGBTQ+ communities; sex workers; service workers; street vendors; people unhoused; people in prisons; immigrants, both documented and undocumented; refugees; and all who are targeted by racist violence.

The Recovery Sangha is a community of people whose lives have been touched by addiction including addicts, alcoholics, family, friends, providers, caretakers, and any other interested person. The goal is to provide a safe and supportive space for practice and exploration of how meditation can improve the lives of those living with, or who love those living with, addiction. During the Covid years, the weekly meetings were held on zoom and provided continued support when addiction rates rose, and isolation became an increasing problem.

Grant(s) Awarded

In 2022, a grant in the amount of $16,000 was awarded to support both Programs with two retreats.

• Social Justice Program: Leadership training and support of BIPOC members through retreats in addition to weekly meetings.

• Recovery Program: Retreat with the goals to further support well-being and to promote greater awareness and participation in the important work in the community.